Asset and Maintenance Management for Hotels and Resorts

The asset management features in custodian™ CMMS are versatile enough to work for all sorts of industries. Even the hospitality sector can benefit from using custodian™ CMMS – to keep hotels and resorts running smoothly.

The hospitality industry is a volatile one, as customer satisfaction is of paramount importance and small glitches can be shared instantly today. A first-rate asset manager is vital to keeping everything in check.

Ideal for optimizing hotel maintenance

Custodian CMMS is an ideal tool for hotel maintenance managers to optimize their work. Floor management, housekeeping, service – all of these areas make hotel maintenance an extremely hectic job. By optimizing maintenance, high customer satisfaction can be assured on a regular basis.

Six factors that make this asset manager perfect for hospitality companies:

  • Asset tracking. Efficient asset management involves a precise understanding of the hotel layout, in terms of equipment locations. CMMS offers detailed reports on assets and maintenance records for them – such as a broken toilet or sink, for example.
  • Better response time to work orders. Delays are a major pitfall in the hotel sector. CMMS makes it easy to send notifications to the right people for quicker response to mechanical or electrical failures.
  • Management of daily maintenance inflow. Front desks can get overwhelmed with maintenance requests. CMMS makes it easy to track requests in real time and get issues fixed quickly.
  • Preventive maintenance. CMMS preventive maintenance is less expensive than reactive repairs, in part by minimizing downtime. It keeps hotel staff up to date with pending maintenance tasks.
  • Better scheduling and planning. This is vital for hotels with high numbers of maintenance requests. CMMS lets managers follow up on service requests, conduct inspections, and schedule repairs.
  • Higher efficiency and lower costs. CMMS reduces operational expenses by minimizing breakdowns.

For more information on how custodian™ CMMS can benefit your hospitality business, please contact us.

Republished from Frasers Directory, Mar.31, 2020 …