Benefits of CMMS in Healthcare

Custodian™ CMMS is a versatile facility maintenance software that helps businesses in many industries – including the healthcare sector.

Hospitals serve thousands of patients 24 hours a day, every day, while using hundreds of machines – often requiring multiple maintenance systems to literally operate around the clock.

Healthcare facilities need a reliable software solution to keep critical infrastructures – such as computer networks, medical equipment, HVAC, etc. – operational with minimal downtime.

Boosting productivity while reducing repairs

Equipment maintenance software like custodian™ CMMS helps to maintain a functional, safe work environment, which is a full-time job, particularly for small maintenance teams. This software is designed to reduce repair expenses, ease work-order management, increase productivity, meet compliance standards, and boost daily efficiency.

There are four major ways that healthcare facilities benefit from custodian™ CMMS maintenance software.

  • First, custodian™ CMMS evolves work-order management. Although the digital age has made equipment maintenance faster and more proactive, inefficiencies are still possible; technicians lose time from uploading files and using spreadsheets, and information can be siloed. But custodian™ CMMS maximizes efficiencies and offers other benefits that turn organizations into high-functioning entities.
  • Next, custodian™ CMMS reduces maintenance costs. Employing one maintenance team for multiple clinical departments and locations can result in inefficiency and gaps in care. A CMMS system enables a system-wide overview, showing how much equipment is present, its current conditions, and the cost of each part. Preventative maintenance reduces overall costs by using less labour.
  • The third benefit is alleviation of regulatory overload. CMMS software lessens the regulatory burden of compliance requirements. It instantly notifies maintenance teams of scheduled required testing – such as testing of fire pumps, for example – saving employees from scrambling to keep everything up to date. Custodian tracks system history to forecast any predictive maintenance.
  • Finally, custodian™ CMMS creates a culture of accountability. By using the software to manage projects and personnel, a healthcare maintenance team can track common trends throughout the information. Managers can easily keep tabs on where gaps lie with employees.

Custodian™ CMMS make managing multiple healthcare maintenance systems easier.

For more information on how custodian™ CMMS can benefit your healthcare facility, please contact us.

Republished from Frasers Directory, Apr.15, 2020 …