Benefits of Reactive Maintenance Software

Among the practical solutions in IT services and software development available on the market today … is custodian™ CMMS reactive and preventive maintenance software. One of the key services that this facility maintenance software offers is reactive maintenance management.

The reactive maintenance function enables users to report breakdowns quickly and easily from any location with Internet access (using either WiFi or mobile data).

With custodian™ CMMS, supervisors can get instant notifications of equipment failure, helping to keep costs and downtime at a minimum.

Less standby manpower required

Also known as breakdown or corrective maintenance, reactive maintenance focuses on restoring equipment back to normal after breakdowns. It provides a reactive strategy in which organizations perform repairs at the point of equipment failure. This method is recommended only for parts that are inexpensive and easy to replace, because unplanned production downtime, damaged machinery, overtime, and call-out fees can be very costly for a business when more important equipment fails.

Using custodian™ CMMS reactive maintenance offers the following advantages:

  • No initial cost and less planning are necessary than with preventive maintenance. Companies can just let these assets run until they break down – because custodian™ CMMS enables them to respond more quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Less standby manpower is required. Businesses do not need to have staff use up valuable work time conducting frequent inspections. An organization can even outsource corrective maintenance completely, so that skill set is not necessary in the workforce.
  • Breakdown maintenance can be more cost-efficient for machinery that is not critical to the company’s overall service delivery, as this equipment has a minimal effect on business operations.

The standard rule:

Manufacturing facilities should dedicate less than 20 per cent of equipment maintenance budget to reactive maintenance.

An efficient reactive maintenance strategy is far less costly in the short term, as the company is not investing in plant maintenance.However, a thoughtful approach to preventive maintenance is highly recommended – especially for equipment of which breakdowns can result in catastrophic losses in productivity.

Custodian™ CMMS software is the perfect solution for equipment maintenance at any business organization – the most affordable asset-management software available on the market today.

Republished from Frasers Directory, Mar.4, 2020 …