Municipalities Adopt CMMS to for Asset Management

Asset management is a must for businesses in many industries, including municipalities. With all the data that requires handling, municipalities need strong equipment maintenance software for better decision making and efficient work management.

This is where custodian™ CMMS comes in; a powerful computerized maintenance software that simplifies many essential business needs, including identification of improvement opportunities and optimization of maintenance strategies.

As in all industries, positive maintenance actions in municipalities are triggered by people who understand how their functions are essential for machinery and system health.

Asset management has always required people to perform complex, high-priority activities as part of a bigger picture. Custodian™ CMMS equipment management software is the perfect tool to help municipal employees accomplish essential tasks quickly and efficiently.

Utilities, especially water, are a perfect example of where equipment maintenance software is a significant boon. Water utilities who move from paper-based reactive work orders to a planned electronic maintenance strategy can achieve 12-18 per cent reduction in maintenance costs.

There are other good reasons to implement a CMMS, such as reducing the cost of work orders (by choosing predictive maintenance over reactive maintenance), adjusting maintenance strategies to prolong asset life, and leveraging the existing workforce while justifying staffing needs.

A water utility or public-works department needs to take several factors into consideration when selecting a CMMS as part of an overall asset-management program – such as the time and cost it will take to onboard and train employees.

The key is to conduct a survey of current maintenance methods and procedures, such as business, work-order, asset-tracking, and commissioning processes. One must also document other systems with which the software must integrate.

Basic CMMS functionality includes asset inventory, service requests and work orders, preventive-maintenance tasks and schedules, inventory management and purchasing, condition and risk analysis, assessment and renewal planning, data analytics, reporting, and documentation. Many technical requirements of CMMS selection can align the platforms and software versions to simplify integration and data migration.

Custodian™ CMMS was designed and developed to help municipalities improve operations and reduce overhead by efficiently managing assets and maintenance.

Republished from Frasers Directory, Mar.31, 2020 …