Using a CMMS Generates Measurable ROI

Custodian™ CMMS software is the most affordable asset and maintenance management system on the market in Canada. This is a computerized maintenance management software that offers both preventive maintenance and reactive maintenance for many industries. One of its key benefits is the significant return on investment (ROI) that it offers to users.

By substantially cutting maintenance costs and keeping productivity consistent, businesses can expect an appreciable ROI in little time with custodian™ CMMS.

Calculating ROI

It is not hard to calculate the ROI provided by computerized maintenance management software. The recommended model:

Subtract CMMS costs from CMMS value, then divide the result by the same cost amount.

CMMS value refers to the expected reduction in maintenance costs as a result of system implementation, while CMMS costs include initial software purchase, installation and training expenses, costs of new hardware purchases, and annual support cost. ROI is typically assessed for one, three, or five-year intervals.

Reducing Costs

There are several ways that computerized maintenance management software reduces a companyʼs maintenance expenses:

  • Instant communication with staff. CMMS uses an expansive range of technology to detect equipment issues and let employees know right away.
  • Prediction of maintenance needs. CMMS creates ongoing maintenance schedules to keep production moving smoothly. It monitors equipment constantly for signs of possible failure, giving users more control over operations. Predicting part failure in advance enables scheduling of maintenance or repair when convenient and minimizes downtime.
  • Healthy equipment. Users can check the health of their equipment at any given time, which enhances prediction of impending part failure.
  • Reduction in productivity loss. Conducting repairs at optimal times greatly reduces effects on productivity – while increasing production by eliminating manual inspection.
  • Identification of warning signs. Users who know when a failure is likely to occur can schedule adjustments and repairs well before breakdowns.
  • Access to real-time data. Information is instantly available to employees as soon as it is entered into CMMS, eliminating time-consuming processes like phone calls or paper delivery.
  • Mobile access. Teams get info access wherever they are, saving more paperwork.

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Republished from Frasers Directory, Mar.18, 2020 …