CMMS Adds Accountability to Maintenance Programs

Custodian™ CMMS is the most affordable asset and maintenance-management software on the market, and one key benefit is preventive maintenance. Putting a proactive maintenance process in place is easy with a solid strategy and the right tools. Using preventive maintenance software like Custodian™ is the fastest, smoothest way to support a system that works: not only does it automate preventive-maintenance tasks – it also replaces bulky stacks of paper and cluttered spreadsheets.

Holding the team accountable

With good preventive maintenance software, a business can hold the team accountable while providing immediate access to asset information and maintenance protocols in the field. There are several ways that Custodian™ CMMS helps companies stay organized and competitive throughout the year.

First, this preventive maintenance software uses work orders and maintenance scheduling modules to create recurring maintenance tasks. Custodian™ makes it simpler to manage work orders and schedule maintenance, so users can triage incoming service requests by area, floor, or building, and assign work orders to specific employees, who receive automatic reminders of upcoming tasks.

With Custodian™, managers can upload asset documentation, receipts, and proper maintenance manuals for future reference. Facility document management protects critical building documentation, and allows for access to documents from the field. Managers can also stay up to date on successful preventative maintenance with a data-reporting dashboard: this information is very convenient when businesses have to generate period reports for the administrators.

Finally, Custodian™ CMMS software enables access to preventive-maintenance information in the field – from any internet enabled mobile phone or tablet. So management is no longer tied to a desktop computer and printer.

Already in development, the next major Custodian™ upgrade will feature location-based asset mapping to assist in quickly finding and servicing equipment. This allows the user to filter through assets with interactive maps/floor-plans to see only the relevant asset pins. Asset mapping is extremely beneficial when an employee is assigned to inspect or service all equipment of one kind, for example.  

Another upcoming feature: users will be able to scan QR codes to view preventive-maintenance work orders for individual assets. Scanning these bar codes will yield instant access to the asset’s maintenance history.

Republished from Frasers Directory, May 12, 2020 …