Hotel Maintenance Software

For top equipment maintenance software, businesses in many industries trust CMMS software like Custodian™ CMMS. This innovative product for preventive maintenance and more is a perfect choice as hotel maintenance software. Customers in the hospitality sector expect all technology and service to work flawlessly, and any dissatisfaction can result in poor word of mouth. Custodian™ offers the perfect CMMS software to keep hotel maintenance works running smoothly at all times.

A very sophisticated system

Hotel maintenance software has an enormous role to play as technology increases in the hospitality industry. Today’s hotels use many smart devices – electric blinds, smart TVs, light and tap sensors – and Custodian™ offers the perfect tool to hand them all. Custodian™ CMMS is a very sophisticated system that allows users to access all information about an asset with a mere tap on a phone – eliminating all delays in service.

This software tool allows any hotel staff to report a problem or failure instantly to relevant maintenance personnel, be it a receptionist, housekeeper, or technician. This is particularly convenient if there is no in-house maintenance team. With the intelligent scheduling of this hotel maintenance software, any hotel housekeeping team has simple and specific task lists to streamline everything.

A key benefit of using Custodian™ CMMS for hotel maintenance: guests encounter fewer issues right off the bat – no clogged toilets, broken air conditioning, or inadequate equipment. And when something does go wrong, the first staff member with whom a customer speaks passes the information directly to the right department through a phone. Communication channels become far simpler this way.

A strong CMMS software like Custodian increases productivity and ensures that maintenance gets completed quickly. It can work with preventive or reactive maintenance plans, depending on the type of asset, and provides a secure return on investment. Guests will benefit from the software even more than staff will – since they get a better overall hotel experience as a result.

Watch the video below for more on Custodian and the hospitality sector: