Benefits of Preventive Maintenance and CMMS

A powerful asset-management software is essential to keeping many businesses running, especially in the healthcare, hospitality, and municipal sectors. The best of the lot is Custodian CMMS, which offers a full package of features that keep operations and equipment working at their peaks of efficiency and reliability. A key advantage of using Custodian is that it contains both preventive and reactive maintenance.

Savings in costs and productivity

Custodian CMMS saves businesses thousands of dollars in repair costs and diminished productivity with these functions. While their respective advantages are more relevant to different applications, preventive and reactive maintenance work together in this software to ensure that assets remain dependable to keep operations moving.

Preventive maintenance refers to maintenance performed on a regular basis on a piece of equipment, to lower the chances of failure. This occurs while the equipment operates, to prevent it from unexpected shutdown. Preventive maintenance is suitable for assets that have critical operational functions, failure modes that can be prevented and not increased with periodic maintenance, and increased likelihood of failure with time or use.

This system is far more cost-efficient than dealing with the financial and downtime consequences of asset failure. Custodian operates as a cloud-based maintenance-management system that enables visualization of all equipment statuses through a PC, to catch small issues before they become big ones. The Custodian mobile app allows staff to request repairs, getting maintenance personnel dispatched instantly.

Also known as breakdown or corrective maintenance, reactive maintenance allows users to report breakdowns quickly and easily from any location with Internet access. Supervisors get immediate notifications of equipment failure. Reactive maintenance is recommended only for parts that are inexpensive and easy to replace, in cases with minimal cost and downtime; unplanned production downtime, damaged machinery, overtime, and call-out fees can be expensive when more important equipment breaks down.

Reactive maintenance focuses on restoring equipment back to normal as quickly as possible after breakdown. Its advantages include minimal advance planning and less standby manpower required. For top asset management, businesses are wise to trust Custodian’s mix of preventive and reactive maintenance.