Which Industries Benefit From CMMS Software?

Custodian CMMS maintenance-management software is essential for businesses in today’s fast-paced digital world. Offering preventive and reactive maintenance, this asset-management system yields a high return on investment, making sure that equipment functions at its peak level consistently and minimizing downtime.

This unique, innovative maintenance-management software is especially helpful in such industries as the hospitality sector, the medical field, and municipalities.

High customer satisfaction

In the hospitality industry, customer satisfaction is of high importance. In this age of social media and instant feedback, small glitches can be made public in a heartbeat. So hotels, motels, and similar establishments always need to run smoothly. With a first-rate asset manager like Custodian CMMS, hotel maintenance managers can optimize their work and keep everything in check. Floor management, housekeeping, service, and more can make hotel maintenance a hectic job, but CMMS software ensures high customer satisfaction.

The six factors that make Custodian CMMS ideal for hospitality organizations: asset tracking; fast response time to work orders; management of daily maintenance inflow; preventive maintenance; optimum scheduling and planning; and high efficiency.

These factors are even more important in the healthcare industry, in which lives often literally depend on the asset management of the hospital or other facility. Thousands of patients are served 24-7 with hundreds of machines in a typical hospital, so multiple maintenance systems work around the clock. A reliable maintenance-management software is necessary to keep infrastructures, machines, and networks working optimally.

Healthcare facilities benefit from Custodian in many ways: reduction of repair expenses; easier work-order management; higher productivity; compliance with standards; higher efficiency; alleviation of regulatory overload; and a culture of accountability.

Custodian CMMS is also a real boon for municipal utilities, especially water management. Water utilities achieve 12-18 per cent in cost savings when they move from paper-based reactive work orders to a planned electronic maintenance strategy. CMMS reduces the cost of work orders, adjusts maintenance strategies to prolong asset life, and leverages the workforce.