Essential Maintenance Management Features

Custodian CMMS is an innovative asset management software that helps businesses conduct equipment maintenance efficiently and instantly. Whether it is preventive or reactive maintenance that a facility needs, this unique maintenance system offers a fast return on investment while saving companies significantly in downtime and maintenance expenses. Users in the healthcare, hospitality, and municipal sectors in particular stand to benefit in many ways from the Custodian solution, which offers many great essential features.

Unlimited Locations, Sites, and Areas

This asset management software is available with three maintenance plans – CMMS LITE, CMMS PRO-150, and CMMS PRO-500. The LITE version is free of charge and offers all of the standard maintenance features; it accommodates up to three users and manages up to 15 assets. PRO-150 allows a team of 25 users and a database of 150 assets, while PRO-500 accommodates up to 100 users and manages up to 500 assets. The latter two offer additional benefits on top of the basic plan to justify the customer’s money spent.

Whether free or paid, all versions of Custodian asset management software include the following features:

  • Asset-management database with image and document attachments. Great for manuals, service bulletins, and more.
  • Unlimited facility locations. With nested sites and areas to pinpoint issues and tasks.
  • Intuitive and responsive interface. This makes the software easy to use on a desktop computer, a tablet, or a Smartphone.
  • Preventive-maintenance scheduler. Users can set recurring maintenance events and reminders for every asset.
  • Reactive-maintenance management. Breakdowns can be reported quickly and easily from anywhere with Internet access, with supervisors getting immediate notifications.
  • Automatic generation and e-mailing/printing of work orders. For scheduled maintenance or emergency repairs.
  • Configuration. Users can configure customizable asset categories for almost every sector.
  • Secure cloud hosting. Worry-free hosting with daily backup.
  • Access to support library. Short video tutorials on best practices, proper use, and how to get the most out of this software.

Users can reduce their downtime, cut their repair costs, and improve their operations overall when they start using Custodian CMMS software – a perfect solution.