Tutorial 2: Dashboard and Interface

The dashboard is your starting point when you login to custodian™ CMMS. At a glance you can see if there are any upcoming planned maintenance events – unresolved issues that might need further attention – or any new issues that need to be acknowledged.

Most custodian™ messages and submission forms will appear in pop-up windows – called modals. We’ll discuss what each modal in separate tutorials.

You can use the top-search bar to quickly find an asset in your database.

Wherever you end up as work within custodian™, clicking the dashboard icon will bring you back to the dashboard. It’s a good point of reference if you get lost.

All custodian™ features are accessed from the left menu-panel. If you’re working on a small screen, click the three-dot button to hide the menu. Click it again to expand.

When you’re done with custodian™, it’s a good idea to logout – especially if other people have access to your computer.