Tutorial 7: Submitting and Resolving Issues

Custodian™ CMMS is a powerful communications tool that makes it easy for users to report equipment breakdowns in the workplace. For clarity, we refer to any breakdown or problem as an “ISSUE”.

Reporting a Problem (SUBMIT ISSUE)

To report a problem, click the red “SUBMIT ISSUE” button – easily found near the top of your custodian™ dashboard … OR in the left menu-panel: Issues/Events > Submit New Issue.

Either method will open a new SUBMIT ISSUE form.

  1. In the SUBMIT ISSUE form, select the SITE of the issue.
  2. If possible, also select the specific AREA where the issue occurred,
  3. and select the main ASSET effected by the issue.
  4. You are required to DESCRIBE the issue. Be descriptive – there is no character limit.
  5. You must also indicate the severity of if the issue by selecting an appropriate PRIORITY level.
  6. If you know that a particular USER is best suited to address this issue, you can assign the issue directly to them. This is optional. If you leave this field blank, the Site Supervisor will assign a user.
  7. The last step, also optional, is to upload a photo to help the Site Supervisor assess the issue. Click the UPLOADS tab and choose a file from your device.
  8. Click SAVE. You should see a pop-up notification indicate the ISSUE has been successfully submitted.

Acknowledging the ISSUE

When an ISSUE is submitted, custodian™ CMMS will automatically send a notification by email to the Site Supervisor. (PRO users can also choose to receive notifications by SMS Text.) Supervisors are responsible to review and assess all new submitted issues.

The Supervisor will also see that there is one NEW ISSUE in their custodian™ CMMS dashboard.

Before work can begin to repair the issue, the Site Supervisor must first ACKNOWLEDGE the issue. The FIRST TIME a new issue is viewed by the Supervisor they will be prompted to acknowledge the issue – simply by clicking the ACKNOWLEDGE button. This will allow the Supervisor to begin resolving the issue.

  1. The Supervisor can add any additional comments, notes, or, instructions.
  2. The Supervisor can upload additional photos or documents – such as service bulletins or manuals.
  3. They can also assign the issue to any USER in the drop-down list.
    • As the Site Supervisor, you can choose to investigate and resolve the issue yourself. If you do, you must select yourself as the assigned USER in the drop-down list.
    • The assigned user can be changed at any time as necessary to resolve the issue as efficiently and effectively as possible.
  4. The assigned User will receive an email (or SMS Text for PRO users), notifying them that a new Issue has been assigned to them. A work-order will be included in the body of this email.
    • The work order will include all the necessary information for the user to begin resolving the issue.
    • The work order will also indicate the date and time that they are expected to complete the work.
    • The email includes a link – so the user can open the ISSUE page within custodian™ CMMS and update the system as their work progresses.
  5. When repairs are done and the issue is resolved, the assigned User must click the “COMPLETE” checkbox on the ISSUE page. This will notify the Site Supervisor that the issue has been successfully resolved.

Working on Multiple ISSUES

At any given time a User can be assigned any number of issues.

To view issues that are assigned to you, go to the left menu-panel and click Issues/Events > Work Assigned to Me.

Clicking an Issue# in the list will open the ISSUE page specific to that one issue.

On the ISSUE page, click the WORK ORDER tab to view the Work-Order for that Issue.

Click the UPLOADs tab to view any attached images or documents.

It is important that you update the system as you work to resolve each issue.