Tutorial 8: Configuring User Notifications

All custodian users need to receive some notifications. These automated messages are just one feature that makes custodian™ CMMS such a powerful communications tool.

For instance, Supervisors need to be notified when an issue is reported, and Users need to be notified when work is assigned to them.

But there are many other types of notifications – including reminders about upcoming maintenance events, and daily/weekly summaries.

To configure notifications for a particular user, in the left menu-panel choose ADMIN > MANAGE USERS. This will open the USERS LIST page.

In the USERS list, click the EDIT button for a specific user. This will open that user’s DETAILS PAGE.

The first step is to make sure Email notifications are enabled for that user – if they’re not, click the Email checkbox on the User’s Details page.

Now, you can configure which of the many different notifications they should receive.

Click the NOTIFICATIONS tab. By default, no notifications are configured. Some users, especially Admins and Supervisors, will want notifications for multiple Locations. Most users, however, will only need notifications for one Location.

Click the ADD LOCATION button and select a location from the drop-down list in the ADD LOCATION modal … and Save.

Because a user might not need notifications from every SITE in that Location, you can enable/disable notifications for each individual SITE. To do this, Click the EDIT button.

When you’ve selected the desired notifications, click SAVE.

Repeat this process to configure notifications for Sites in other Locations, and for other users.