Custdoian™ CMMS is customizable; easily configurable for virtually any industry or sector:
such as healthcare, education, municipalities, or hospitality …

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CMMS User Stats

Companies who use a CMMS like custodian™ report, on average

28 %
productivity increase
20 %
less downtime
19 %
cost savings
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Benefits of Preventive Maintenance and CMMS

A powerful asset-management software is essential to keeping many businesses running, especially in the healthcare, hospitality, and municipal sectors. The best of the lot is Custodian CMMS, which offers a full …

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Hotel Maintenance Software

For top equipment maintenance software, businesses in many industries trust CMMS software like Custodian™ CMMS. This innovative product for preventive maintenance and more is a perfect choice as hotel maintenance software. …

Taking Action with Corrective Maintenance

One of the advantages of Custodian CMMS asset-management software is reactive maintenance – also known as breakdown or corrective maintenance. This function is a reactive strategy that initiates repair immediately after equipment …